Feature Walls

Outdoor Feature Walls

A feature wall is a fantastic way of adding a special touch to your back garden or outside living area. The main goal is to have a plain wall and decorate it with unique feeling textures, bold colours and anything else you can think of. These outdoor feature walls often have one of a kind finishing touches that add extra specialness to the wall. In this blog post we’ll cover some of the types of outdoor feature walls you can use in your own life.


Option 1: Plant Based Feature Walls

Having plants in your garden can be wonderful, however it may be difficult to plant and grow them if there’s not enough space. Through a “living” feature wall you can hang plants against the wall that are potted or go add artificial plants which may require more maintenance.


Option 2: Stone Feature Walls

The use for stone cladding is becoming more popular it may be due the diverse range that is now available on the market today. Stone cladding will impress anyone that comes to visit, it will really stand out and create a real feature on its own. With the variety of stone on the market stone feature walls can be complete and work in with any style of Garden.


Option 3: Metal Art for your Feature Wall

Metal art can be a beautiful addition to your feature wall. With metal art you can add beautiful shapes, colours and designs to make your feature wall really pop. Through metal art you can select the best types of metal and add them to your garden.


Option 4: Painting your Feature Wall

Painting is one of the simplest ways of adding colour to your garden. This is cheap, cheerful and makes your feature wall really stand out no matter what the weather. Depending on the style you’re going for you can choose different paints and colours to meet the look and feel you’re going for.


Option 5: Add Seating to your Feature Wall

Adding some seating to your feature wall can be a great idea for relaxing evenings in your garden. If you have enough space, you can add in weatherproof outdoor furniture underneath a shelter. This can be laid out against your wall to be the perfect location for evening relax time.


Option 6: Getting Creative!

The beauty of feature walls is being able to adapt them to whatever you want given your imagination. You can use fake fire, LED lights and mirrors as a way of brightening up your feature wall and making it one to truly remember. LED lighting and fire features can be extra impressive at night if you plan on hosting parties or social gatherings that incorporate your feature wall.


Wrap Up:

If you’re lacking space in your garden or courtyard, making your wall special through design is a fantastic way of improving the visual aesthetics without renovating the entire garden space. If you’re looking to innovate on your own wall, please get in touch with us today and we will help you decide the perfect choice.