Outdoor Lighting

Outdoor Feature Lighting

Feature lights are a fantastic way to give your garden a creative boost. They add extra light and colour to your outdoor area, giving a special touch to an outdoor party or event. Feature lighting is highly customizable to your specific needs which means you can mix and match feature lighting to whatever it is you’re looking for. If you seek a fun and creative way of uplifting your garden or outdoor area then this post will take you through the different variations of outdoor feature lighting.

Inbuilt outdoor lighting

Inbuilt outdoor lighting improves stability and security while adding style. For inbuilt outdoor lighting, it’s important to choose exactly the style, colour and type that you like best as this form of lighting is more permanent and less easily removable. Here are some of the key points to consider when selecting inbuilt outdoor lighting:

1.Do you need hard light or soft light? Choosing what type of light you want is key to evoking emotions and illuminating certain key aspects of your outdoor area.

2. How big is the space they are in? Smaller spaces don’t require as powerful lighting fixtures as bigger spaces.

3. What colour's do you want? Choosing the right colour's is important to fit into the overall look and feel of your outdoor area.

Feature lighting trees

Adding feature lighting to trees gives a high impact visual effect. The branches, leaves and trunk are all thrown into sharp contrast with striking visual effects through the use of effective lighting fixtures. Through feature lighting trees you can silhouette a full tree and create powerful visual images with the use of darkness and light. Feature lighting trees provides a wonderfully stable, highly visual way of improving your garden’s look and feel. One suggestion could be to light a house wall to silhouette a tree in front of it due to the tree’s structure.

Feature wall lighting

Wall lights add something special to your outdoor walls. They can be purely functional lights or can be specifically aimed at décor and style. While there may be many reasons for adding wall lights, some of the key motivations could be highlighting a beautiful aspect of your wall, or to simply improve the beauty and aesthetics of your outdoor areas.

Water feature lighting

Feature lighting in water installations such as ponds or pools can add a great deal of colour to your garden. Naturally this type of lighting requires waterproof lights for submerging underwater. This means being very selective about choosing the right type of water feature lighting.

The importance of organizing a lighting plan before construction

There are many reasons why organizing a lighting plan before construction is important. Organizing a lighting plan before construction is important because your lighting needs to be suitable for all seasons. This means that your lighting needs to be fully functional in winter and in summer. Ensuring that your plan is set out is key to understanding if you should include additional lighting. Seeing everything set out in a plan is key to determining if you have enough lighting to meet your needs or if you require additional lighting.