Outdoor Living Changes in the Past 5 Years

Outdoor living has changed a lot in recent years. As digital technology plays an ever-increasing role in our lives, the need to be closer to nature is greater than ever. This means that outdoor life has become more important to people over the years. Not only does it provide a way to be among nature, but outdoor living is great for hosting and entertaining guests. Much has changed over the last five years and here are some of the biggest ones.

Change 1: Outdoor Living Spaces as an Extension of Indoor Living Spaces

In the last 5 years, outdoor and indoor living spaces have been blended more and more seamlessly. This means that more and more people are seeing their outdoor living space as an extension of their indoor homes. Décor, colour schemes, patterns and furniture are now chosen more carefully to make outdoor as comfortable as indoor. Comfortable chairs, nice tables and weatherproof materials are all important factors in outdoor living spaces.

Change 2: Outdoor Feature Walls

Previously, many people saw walls as being a necessary but not aesthetically pleasing part of their outdoor living spaces. In recent years however, people are beginning to maximise the potential of outdoor feature walls. This means that they are being decorated more and more in order to improve how they look to guests and residents. Walls are now commonly decorated with different colours, shapes and plants to give walls an artistic and pleasing flair. As people spend more time outside, they look as improving all aspects of their living space.

Change 3: Feature Lighting

Lighting plays a bigger and bigger role in outdoor living spaces. Before, natural light or basic lamps were the only sources of light in an outdoor living space. Over the years however, feature lighting has become more important as people spend more time outside. Over the years people have added different shapes, colours and varieties of lights to their gardens in an effort to add creativity and flair. This helps add a creative spark to outdoor entertainment or just relaxing outside.

In Australia Swimming is a necessity especially in our very hot summer, but we are finding less and less people are visiting there local pools or beaches they are implementing that in to their back yard more and more these days. The amount of brand-new pools enquiries have tripled in the last 5 years. Why not? The convenience of walking outside and using your own pool is far more beneficial.

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