2018 Landscape Trends


The big thaw is finally here in the Macarthur Area! Yep, construction season… oops, we mean SUMMER is just around the corner and we’re all excited to get outside and enjoy outdoor living.


One big trend in landscaping is sourcing local plants for your garden and outdoor living spaces. Native plants have tailored to local weather and soil environments allowing them to be more durable. These plants are more likely to thrive and survive in the frost of winter and heat of summer. These plants grow in natural envi

ronments and tend to require less care, water and even deadheading, which is a additional benefit for all gardeners.



Whether it’s a fountain, water feature pond, or spillway , water features continue to make a big splash in landscaping trends for 2018! A fountain or waterfall can be a eye-catching focal point in your garden while a pond or spillway can create a peaceful, private oasis in your backyard. There are so many options for water features depending on your budget, outdoor space and design goals. Chat to our well-informed staff at Prestige Landscape & Construction about how you can convey the tranquil sound of water to your garden.

We keep on to see a big change towards outdoor living as our gardens are becoming an addition of the home. Backyards are being broken down into sections or “rooms” that are utilized for diverse purposes. Stone pavers, decks, pergolas and multi-level garden designs are creating many seating areas for dining, lounging, play and firepit Area's. Outdoor home décor items like cushions, rugs, candles and more generate cozy, warm spaces that are perfect for long Summer nights.


You only have to walk into a few garden centres to see that outdoor lighting is still a popular garden trend this year. With solar lanterns, garden spikes, bulbs, string lights, outdoor lamps and in built lighting, adding light is an easy, inexpensive way to update your outdoor space. If you’re planning a landscape project, reflect on various lighting options in your design to emphasize key features or present delicate backlighting for stairs, patios or Feature screens. Light up your front yard and garden with ambient lighting to create a warm glow to enjoy all year long



A pool is Usually the key central point of any garden and there are many aspects that ought to be considered to make certain a successful design is produced. choosing the correct pool: Scale of the pool to the garden is the first box to tick, we see a lot of mosaic sunpod's and spillway's implemented into designs giving that little extra wow factor. Choosing the materials to go around the pool is what we find our clients struggle with the most, there are so many options and clients feel very overwhelmed. We will always recommend using a natural stone like Marble, Travertine, or Limestone due to the easy maintenance and the sheer look it can really turn the area from drab to fab.

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