Outdoor Art

Outdoor garden art is essential for adding a fashionable element to an outside space, regardless of whether your taste is modern or traditional. Garden art, whether it’s metal work installations, screens or statues, allow yours garden to remain fresh, unique and attractive no matter what time of the year.

There is a wide variety of garden art designs and installations that you could potentially feature in your garden. Selecting the perfect garden art depends on what style you’re going for, what the best fit is for the different areas of your garden and if the art you want to install matches the overall aesthetic of your garden. The most popular and simplest to buy are garden screens, garden statues and sculptures. Traditional stone statues look stunning and obtain a naturally weathered look over time through exposure to the elements, leading to a gorgeous blending into the garden and natural surroundings. In contrast to stone statues, contemporary metal work comprising of highly visible materials, unique shapes and curves and eye-catching colours can contrast nicely with the natural garden greenery to result in a modern and outstanding garden feature. Metal work as garden art can often be extremely successful in modern city gardens as a modern minimalist approach. Alternatively, stone statues could suit better for larger suburban or rural gardens where the presence of many statues could lead to an elegant and classical style.

Water installations can also be a form of garden art. Not only are water features pleasant to look at, they also provide a relaxing appeal to the ears as well. Fountain water that gently runs over small stones or is illuminated by lighting brings a sense of calm and balance to a garden as well as being extremely tasteful and artistic.

Outdoor garden art can also feature on screens or walls. These screens or walls can be a clean slate onto which you can express your artistic flair and imagination. A blank screen provides huge freedom for your own artistic expression, such as featuring a painting of your own design or an artistic backdrop, which can provide a lovely setting for social gatherings. You could also feature rows of flowers at different points on the wall, which could add a touch of colour and artistic flair to your garden.

Choosing your outdoor garden art should be as important as deciding what artistic elements you want to feature inside your home as well. Considering the overall garden environment, what materials you’ll utilize and the area you have to work with. Outdoor garden art is a useful key point to liven up a blank or dull garden and can be crafted into a talking point for visitors.

There are many different stylish artworks that you could feature in your garden, all of which have different advantages. For example, garden statues add a classical look to your garden. They are key elements that draw attention and help you express yourself. They can be the centre of a garden to tie everything in, or feature in random places as an expression of your taste.